Mobile Products


Vector controls and offers an exclusive bank of registered short codes for utilization in interactive operator-driven text messaging programs. The company offers a turnkey platform that allows clients to generate revenue from the fastest growing segment in the mobile industry: SMS text marketing. Vector optimizes profitability for their clients by offering an innovative IP that makes the customer experience smooth, enticing, and easy.


Vector has developed one of the most innovative next-generation platforms for mobile billing to date. The platform utilizes cloud-based technology and combines it with a one-of-a-kind IP that allows their customers to use mobile billing methods to generate revenue from their existing businesses that was previously untapped. Vector’s proven platform consistently produces at least 250% more revenue when compared with traditional PSMS platforms. Vector has also developed a series of API’s that make system integration easy and quick.


Nationwide 800 is a licensed RespOrg company and a wholly owned subsidiary of Vector Enterprises, Inc. Nationwide currently manages approximately 8,000 toll-free telephone numbers and produces revenue by leasing and selling numbers to corporations and entities of every size. The unique capabilities offered by Nationwide’s software allow the company to determine the approximate value of specific toll-free numbers and provide recommendations on the best methods to market them to generate revenue.

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